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Research Overview (Nanophotonics)

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Research Overview (Biophotonics)

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[1] Sejong Science Fellowship [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
Metaphotonic System-driven Ultracompact Integrated LiDAR Sensors
PI: Inki Kim, 2021.03-2026.02

[2] Engineering Research Center (ERC) [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
R2R Printed Flexible Computer Center
co-PI: Inki Kim (PI: Gyoujin Cho), 2022.03-2026.02

[3] STEAM: The Future Promising Fusion Technology Pioneer [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
Center for Smart Information Security Technology Based on Nano-optics
co-PI: Inki Kim (PI: Junsuk Rho), 2022.06-2027.05

[4] Korea Advanced Research Program Accelerator (KARPA) [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
Quantum Simulator Platform for Materials Innovation: Development of Quantum Metaphotonic Integrated Chips
PI: Inki Kim (PI: Yong-Su Kim), 2023.05-2027.12

[5] K-Brain Project [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
Integrated and Temporospatial Realtime Analysis Pipeline for Brain Organoid, iTRAP
co-PI: Inki Kim (PI: Jong-Chan Park), 2023.07-2025.12

[6] BK21 Four [National Research Foundation (NRF)]
Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence
co-PI: Inki Kim (Director: Jaeseok Park), 2021.12-present

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