Electrically tunable reflective displays (Light: Science & Applications, 2022)


The BioNanoPhotonics Laboratory at Institute of Quantum Biophysics (IQB), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) lead by Prof. Inki Kim explores theoretical, computational and experimental research focusing on nanophotonic devices, e.g., metaphotonic devices and nanobiosensors. We envision that such an artificial nanophotonic device will serve as a cornerstone for tackling highly visible and challenging problems in the fields of basic science and applied engineering. Particularly, we are interested in plasmonics, optical metamaterials, nanosensors, optoelectronics, nanofabrications, quantum biophysics, and integrated quantum medical devices.

We are actively looking for highly motivated undergraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral research fellows and research professors. Please check opening information for details.

Recent News (More)


Prof. Kim's metasurface-driven 3D imaging work is accepted to Nature Communications 


Prof. Kim's LC-integrated metasurface coloration work is published in Light: Science and Applications [Link]

- "스마트폰 170배 해상도, 이젠 '머리카락' 얇기로 구현된다" Featured in [헬로디디][매일경제][매일신문][뉴시스][전자신문][베리타스알파][대경일보][경북도민일보][경상매일신문][경북신문][브레이크뉴스][웹이코노미]


Prof. Kim's electrically tunable varifocal metalens work is published in Advanced Science [Link]

- "초고속으로 초점 변환 가능한 메타렌즈 개발" Featured in [YTN사이언스][헤럴드경제][파이낸셜뉴스][뉴스1][충청뉴스][후생신보][워크투데이][산업일보][베리타스알파]


Prof. Kim's dual metahologram work is published in Advanced Optical Materials [Link]

- "두 개의 빛으로 정보 유출 꽉 잡는다" Featured in [EurekAlert!][Phys.Org][뉴데일리][시사뉴스][헬로디디][인공지능신문][교수신문][영남일보][대경일보][베리타스알파][경상매일신문][테크월드][뉴시스][경북일보]


Prof. Kim joins Department of Biophysics, Institute of Quantum Biophsysics at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)


Dr. Kim receives the prestigious KIDS Gold Award from the 21st International Meeting on Information Display (IMID)

- "국제정보디스플레이 학술대회서 금상 수상" Featured in [뉴시스][웹이코노미][브레이크뉴스][시사뉴스][매일신문][전자신문][경북신문][경북도민일보][경상매일신문][테크월드]


Dr. Kim's holographic metasurface gas sensor work is published in Science Advances [Link]

- "극미량 가스 즉각 탐지하는 초소형 웨어러블 홀로그램 센서 개발" Featured in [전자신문][YTN사이언스][헤럴드경제][파이낸셜뉴스1][파이낸셜뉴스2][메디컬투데이][교수신문][베리타스알파][NSP통신][뉴시스][경북일보][경북도민일보][대경일보][가스신문][테크월드][뉴데일리][헬로디디][브레이크뉴스]